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​A Holiday I Do

Starring Lindsay Hicks, Rivkah Reyes, with Marsha Warfield and Jill Larson


When a small town single mom falls for her ex-husband's beautiful and sophisticated wedding planner, she'll need some Christmas magic to fix the chaos that ensues.


An LGBTQ+ inclusive Christmas movie

Each Christmas, millions enjoy watching those lighthearted, Holiday-themed storylines with those predictable happily-ever-after endings. In 2019, 70 new Christmas movies premiered on the Hallmark and Lifetime channels-- none of which contained gay lead characters or storylines.  

That’s when A Holiday I Do was born. We are looking to change this lack of LGBTQ+ representation with this inclusive Christmas movie. That being said, we are making this film for everyone. This is not a “coming out” story, but a story showing that “love is love.” The primary themes of A Holiday I Do are being true to who you are and family. 

Now available on the lesbian streaming network Tello Films.

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Saving Young LGBTQ+ Lives

We want to give back with the film as well. 10% of the Producer’s proceeds go to support The Trevor Project to help save young LGBTQ+ lives.  Like our friends at the Trevor Project, it’s our mission with the film is to reach those in the LGBTQ+ community who might feel not welcomed for the holidays. We hope that this film will give them a short escape and remember they are supported, loved, and accepted. 

Behind the Scenes

A Holiday I Do began filming in Michigan in January 2022 and completed production in October 2022While the challenges of filming during the Covid pandemic caused some delays, the final product truly captured holiday magic! Production took place in Saugatuck, Michigan, a small town with an open-minded charm that’s made it a favorite destination for many in the LGBTQIA+ community. Other locations include Grand Rapids, Holland, Ferndale, Bancroft, Pontiac, and Rochester.

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Available now! "A Holiday I Do" is streaming on the lesbian streaming network Tello Films. Rent or Buy on TelloFilms.com or download the Tello Films app on your TV or phone.

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