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​Just Another Dream

A teenage girl discovers that her dreams are premonitions of things to come. But when a dream threatens the life of her family, no one believes her and it’s a race against time to take on fate…and perhaps even change the "past". 

Family-Friendly/Sci-fi/Drama   |   92 Minutes

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When teenage Anna Miller (Kayden Bryce) dreams of a horrible crime before it’s committed, she discovers that she’s been having premonitions since she was a young girl. When her gifts are doubted by her own mother (Kristy Swanson) and her doctor (Dean Cain), Anna turns to her best friend Josh (Copeland Diver). When yet another vision threatens the life of her siblings, Anna is forced into a race against time to uncover clues before it’s too late. With the help of a mysterious mentor (Eugene Brave Rock), Anna must take on fate in order to save the ones she loves...and perhaps even change the “past.”